17 August 2017

Meeting the demands of Thailand’s petrochemical industry with the Vocational Chemical Engineering Practice (V-ChEPC)


The Vocational Chemical Engineering Practice (V-ChEPC) at Map Ta Phut Technical College in Thailand’s Rayong province is a major project supported by a comprehensive group of partners. They include PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC), the Petrochemical Industry Group, the Federation of Thai Industries, the Suksaphat Foundation, the Petroleum Institute of Thailand, and the Office of the Vocational Education Commission. The project is also a collaboration with two academic institutions, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and Rajamangala University of Technology.

The V-ChEPC Project was established in 2008 to support petrochemical engineering programs at Thai academic institutions. It enhances the potential and skills of technicians in the petrochemical industry to meet the increasing demands of companies in the sector.

With a long-term goal of developing a well-qualified vocational workforce that is more responsive and efficient, the project is helping to meet the needs of the labor market in line with the Thai government’s national development strategy. Map Ta Phut Technical College was selected as the prototype to develop qualified technicians to support Thailand’s petroleum and petrochemical industries and serve as a role model for vocational studies.

PTTGC’s involvement in the V-ChEPC Project goes beyond simply providing financial support. The company also helps to develop the curriculum for the petrochemical engineering program. PTTGC employees serve as lecturers, giving students the opportunity to hear from experts. The students also receive on-the-job training and practical experience at PTTGC’s plants during the program.

This component is crucial, as learning the “tools of the trade” allows participating students to apply the relevant knowledge and skills they need in the workplace. This reflects the concept “to learn and to experience, in order to be skilled.” Graduates of the program are offered professional employment opportunities at PTTGC.

“Vocational Chemical Engineering Practice College Program”

Link to CSR Strategy: Trust and Growth


To develop qualified technicians to support the petroleum and petrochemical industries and be role models for the vocational study program.

Business Benefit KPIs
  • Meet business demand for specialized technicians in the petrochemical and petroleum industries.
  • Drive the growth of Thailand’s petrochemical and petroleum industries.
Social and Environmental Benefit KPIs
  • Number of scholarships provided to vocational students.
  • Rate of access to education.
  • Generate income for Rayong
  • Increase public awareness of and literacy in the petroleum and petrochemical sectors.

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