GC treats our employees in line with Thailand’s Labor Protection Act, improving their quality of life by following both national and international standards. The company promotes our labor standards to all employees nationwide to ensure effective personnel management, while strengthening employees’ competitiveness and improving their quality of life. We aim to embed fair operational practices in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies related to employment conditions and the work environment, including wages, working hours, holidays, and workplace safety. In addition, GC undergoes a certified audit of our compliance with Thailand’s Labor Standards (TLS. 8001-2010) every three years.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Commitments and Training Program

As an equal opportunity employer, GC explicitly prohibits all discrimination and harassments occurred to employees, suppliers and business partners in accordance with our non-discrimination and anti-harassment commitments stated in our Human Rights Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Whistleblower Policy, and Employee Work Regulation.

GC put importance in the diversity and is actively taking efforts to eliminate all behaviors that are against our values. Under no circumstances shall we engage in discrimination based on race, nationality, birthplace, social origin, religion, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, political views, or any other differences. Under no circumstances shall we engage in verbal, physical, or visual harassments including sexual harassment, power harassment, maternity harassment, or other behaviors that cause embarrassment and attacks someone dignity.

In this regard, GC has implemented training programs for all employees on discrimination and harassment in the workplace, so employees will be able to identify different forms of discrimination, and harassments in both sexual and non-sexual forms, and be able to take further actions as deem necessary. Given examples of training sessions conducted to raise awareness on discrimination and harassment include provision of human rights identification covering discrimination and harassment in workplace.

Human Rights Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Escalation Process and Collective & Disciplinary Actions

GC has zero tolerance for discrimination and harassments, and will investigate all reported incidents in a fair and accountable manner. With regard to this, GC discloses clear guidelines for escalation process for reporting incidents by directly stepping in to stop the harassment and discriminatory behavior, to report to direct supervisor, and/or report to Whistleblower Channel located on the website. GC has also established corrective or disciplinary actions that must be taken to prevent discrimination and harassments from occurring within GC again.

GC has defined five levels of corrective or disciplinary actions to be taken in case of discriminatory behavior or harassment. These measures take into account intention, environment, consequence or likelihood of such consequence, cooperation, and past good deeds of each individual. The offender may be penalized with any of the following punishments in no particular order depending on the company’s discretion:

More information on escalation process, investigations, and corrective or disciplinary actions guidelines and penalization can be found in our Sexual Harassment Policy and Employee Work Regulation

Our aforementioned non-decimation and harassment commitment and effective escalation process resulted in no confirmed case in 2022.

Numbers of Confirmed Breaches 2018-2022

0 / Times
Sexual Harassment
1 / Times
in 2018
Non-Sexual Harassment
0 / Times

One complaint case received through the whistleblower system in 2018 was investigated and confirmed that it was involved in harassment by supervisor due to inappropriate action leading to physical contact. GC did not tolerate any form of harassment, so that the disciplinary actions were taken. In this case, official letter warning was provided to offender. The offender was penalized through immediate allocation to other workplace location.

Diversity Commitments

GC is taking efforts to increase diversity in the workplace by continuing to provide equal opportunities in hiring, capacity development and career path planning. This ensures that high profile assignments are accessible to women and are not restricted to men. GC employees are assessed based on their competencies relevant to their job attributes in accordance with established career management principles across all operations. Therefore, all employees have equal opportunity to grow in their careers as clear guidelines and transparency processes in place. GC also hires employees with disabilities and provides appropriate facilities to support disabled people, such as slope way, and widening a doorway.

Diversity in GC

% Female of Total Workforce

Female Target in 2022: 25%

Female Target in 2026: 27%





Female in Management Positions

(% of Total Management Workforce)

Female Target in 2022: 25%

Female Target in 2026: 31%

Female in Top Management Positions

(% of Total Top Management Workforce)

Female Target in 2022: 20%

Female Target in 2026: 20%

Female in Junior Management Positions

(% of Total Junior Management Workforce)

Female Target in 2022: 25%

Female Target in 2026: 32%

Female in management positions in revenue-generating functions, e.g. sales, Marketing, Operation, etc.

(as% of all such managers)

Female Target in 2022: 15%

Female Target in 2026: 20%

Female in STEM-related positions

(as% of Total STEM Positions)

Female Target in 2022: 15%

Female Target in 2026: 20%

Equal Remuneration

Employee Level Ratio (Average Female Salary / Average Male Salary)
Executive level (base salary only) 0.84 : 1.00
Executive level (base salary only + other cash incentives) 0.93 : 1.00
Management level (base salary only) 0.85 : 1.00
Management level (base salary + other cash incentives) 0.91 : 1.00
Non-management level (base salary only) 1.07 : 1.00
All level (base salary) 0.86 : 1.00
GC Sustainability Performance Data

Welfare Committee

Although the company currently has no trade unions, but GC does not restrict our employees to establish trade unions or becoming union members. However, GC has a Welfare Committee that serves as an independent mechanism to provide employees with collective bargaining powers. The Welfare Committee responds to employee concerns regarding our work environment, offers a grievance mechanism, determines benefits, and handles complaints about unfair labor practices. All employees are eligible to nominate and become representatives to be candidates in the election of Welfare Committee.

Welfare Committee members are selected from a pool of volunteer candidates. There are a total 65 members on the Welfare Committee, each of whom serves a two-year term. 100% of our employees are covered under Welfare Committee to bargain labor and welfare aspect with company. All employees enable to report concerns to employee representatives in Welfare Committee throughout whistleblower system, email, mail, intranet and direct reporting. The concerns are discussed in the Welfare Committee meeting quarterly as required by the Thai Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541.

The Welfare Committee meets regularly with GC management to find solutions to specific issues and monitor progress and results. It ensures fair and equitable treatment of all employees in terms of health, welfare, compensation, and benefits.

Employees covered