GC continuously invents, researches and develops new products under the concept of "Chemistry for Better Living" in order to response to customers expectations, maintain the market shares, increase the growth of the business as well as prepare for any challenges, such that COVID19.

GC also listens to the Voice of Customers (VoC), including all stakeholders, via the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in order to indentify the Pain Points and acquire products or solutions that truly answer to consumer demands and expectations. Examples of the current development of product innovation are as follows:

High Heat Resistant PLA for Biodegradable Cutlery

In order to response to the customer trends, GC has invested in bioplastic product, Polylactic Acid (PLA) as well as expand the market in the Bioplastic sector. At present, GC has collaborated with manufacturers of Sahapat Group to produce heat-resistant cutlery from bioplastics, which is distributed under the brand B-leaf and can generate income for 18 million baht.

Plastic Compound for Automotive Industry

GC has developed plastic compound for autoparts, which has passed durability tests and met the specifications standard of the automotive industry. Additionally, GC has also collaborated with customers to define product injection condition. In 2019, Solution Creation Company Limited began commercial distribution of the plastic compound under the brand "PlastMate". This is considered GC's first step into the automotive industry. The project is estimated to generate a revenue of over 24 million baht.

Monofilament for High Speed Production Machine

GC has modified the properties of plastic resin to be more compatible with its customer's high speed monofilament production machine. The enhanced plastic resin yields tougher and stronger monofilament, which has contributed to reducing costs and process loss for customers. GC is expected to generate a revenue of approximately 900 million baht from this project. . The company has also anticipated to expand its market beyond existing customers.

Epoxy for Composite Rebar

From the company's expectation to expand to construction industry, port infrastructures, government buildings, private buildings and housing within 2023, GC has developed Composite Rebar, which has the properties of good tensile properties, strong adhesion ability, light weight, non-conductive characteristics, rust-proof properties, and chemical corrosion resistance. It also provides a spark-free cutting attribute to the rebar. GC estimates that Epoxy formulation sales in 2020 will generate a revenue of approximately 1.3 million baht.

Bioplastic Resin to Support National Environmental Policy

GC responds Thailand's policy to reduce plastic use. Hence, it has developed degradable bioplastic for packaging, which is up to 15 percent cheaper than imported bioplastic. This biodegradable plastic has been widely embraced by leading supermarkets and has been put into circulation to replace conventional plastic bags. Furthermore, GC has developed more flexible and impact resistant biodegradable plastic, which is suitable for toothbrush handle production. This development meets customers' needs to develop and offer environmental friendly products to consumers.

Additionally, GC has also created other types of BioPBS products, such as mulch films, film packaging for food, biodegradable bags, tableware (replacing foam tableware), etc. 9,922 tons of BioPBS products were sold with a sales value of over 1,223 million baht, it also can be reduced amount of waste to landfill.