GC has collaborated with PTT Group Water Management Team (PTTWT)

governments and stakeholders to develop the effective water management strategy and plan through War Room Committee. Additionally, GC has identified the key stakeholders to establish the plan for managing their water concerns. These enable GC to develop water usage plan for all sectors in the next 20 years (2017-2037). Furthermore, GC has monitored the changes in relevant laws and regulations through the working group of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI).

GC monitors quality of water that utilized within GC’s facilities every day. This is to ensure that quality of effluent is acceptable according to industrial effluent standards. Additionally, GC bi-weekly investigates water quality around the facilities to ensure that water resource of area around GC’s plant is still in good quality, and not affect to ecosystem.

GC has implemented external water management through integrated collaboration with stakeholders, and water conservation. The example of project that GC has been continuously carried out is Khao Huai Mahat Forest Restoration and Water Conservation.

GC has regularly implemented water management projects with key stakeholders, which can be summarized as the following

GC has also monitors water-related risk, including water scarcity, water quality, water-related legal enforcement water pricing structure and community conflict due to the use of water resource on a regular basis. Additionally, GC has prepared the water mitigation measures closely under the collaboration with stakeholders to avoid any community concerns in both short and long-term.