GC Board Nomination

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee provides action on nominating qualified persons into the board through conducting the nomination process in a systematic and transparent manner. In addition to considering board qualifications according to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand's laws and regulations, GC also considers a particular expertise, career fields, and experience, with no limitations or discrimination regarding the gender, age, color, race, ethnicity, nationality and cultural background of board members according to our board diversity policy.

To maintain the composition of the GC Board of Directors with an appropriate proportion and diversity, a Skills Matrix System is used for consideration and comparison with other companies in the PTT Group, or companies in comparison with company lists announced by the State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO). GC considers the diversity factors throughout our board nomination process to ensure the GC's board members have right experience and skills and are sufficiently independent to act in the best interests to all stakeholders that will eventually be in the alignment with current and future corporate strategy and goals.

Board Composition

GC's board composition comprises of 15 directors, eight of which is independent directors, which accounts for 53% of all directors. Two of the total directors are women, which accounts for 13% of all directors. (Information from 31st January 2020). GC has clearly mandated board's structure, composition, qualification, as well as duty and responsibility to comply with the size of the company and the nature of the business that GC has operated in.

Board size and Independence

Executive Director : 1 person

Non-Executive Director : 14 persons

Independent Director : 8 persons

Gender Diversity

Tenure of the board of director

0-3 years

12 persons

4-6 years

1 person

7-9 years

2 persons

Average Tenure : 3 years

Skill Matrix

Skills Matrix


Engineering: Civil/Geological Industrial, Mechanical, Chemistry, and Information Technology


Industry: Energy, Petroleum, Petrochemicals/Chemicals and Industrial material and resourcing


Economics/Finance: monetary/Banking, Fiscal, and Capital Markets


Business Management: Organization Management, International Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management


Accounting: Accounting/ Auditing and Internal Audit


Law: Civil/Commercial Code, Criminal Code, International Law, and Public Law


National Security: Intelligence and Politics/Government


Social: Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility


Information Security and Cybersecurity


All GC's directors have educational background and working experience according to GICS Level 1 Sectors Classification, as well as skill and experience being useful to the company in principles, as mentioned in the above table.

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Furthermore, GC's board of directors has appointed four sub-committee, which comprises of Audit Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Corporate Governance Committee and Risk Committee. Serving in a three year term, all of which would report directly to GC's board of directors in order to maintain the stringency and effectiveness of decisions and collective actions in their specific tasks.

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