Raw CO2 Trading Project

GC has initiated the Raw CO2 Trading Project with the entrepreneur by using carbon dioxide as a raw material in the production of Sodium Carbonate, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project is accordance with the Circular Economy Concept, in which carbon dioxide emission from the manufacturing process is being used as a new raw material in other industry.

Intensive Capacity Building on Internal Carbon Pricing & Green Investment for Key Stakeholders of GHG Mitigation

GC has collaborated with leading government and private organizations of Thailand to conduct a training program on Internal Carbon Pricing and Green Finance for the industrial sector. The training program aims to respond to stakeholder expectation in tackling climate change through a tripartite cooperation on the Application of Industry-urban Symbiosis and Green Chemistry.

GC has target to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by

million tons CO2 equivalent by 2025

Additionally, GC has R&D investment in low carbon product and process technology. As our Refinery process delivers hydrogen as by-product, we are conducting the feasibility study of using use hydrogen and CO2 as feedstock of Methanol. We are also planning to invest in High Value Specialties product, which its process emits low CO2 such as polyurethane. Our outstanding implementation of GHG reduction projects has resulted in the accumulative GHG Reduction as follows

Accumulative GHG Reduction (2012-2020)

tons CO2 equivalent