• Assess GC group’s potential in circular economy based on BS 8001:2017 standard.
  • Build cooperation with networks, partners, and external agencies to monitor a product throughout its life cycle using advanced recycling and upcycling processes

Challenges and Business Opportunities

The growing global population continues to increase the consumption rate, while business supply chains and operational efficiencies have not been optimized to address the issue of today’s resource scarcity. This result in the depletion of natural resources and abundance of waste generation. Therefore, GC is committed to be a part to promote a sustainable measure and create value in accordance with “Circular Economy” principle according to BS 8001:2017 standard, and establish the Circular Economy Strategy. In this regard, GC focuses on promoting knowledge-sharing sessions for all sectors, including government, private and public, and facilitating awareness raising workshop and training on resource efficiency for its executives and employees, conducting an analysis and assessment of GC’s circular economy implementation

Circular Economy for Sustainable Development

GC places considerable emphasis on maximizes the cycle of resource utilization, allow the use of “Renewable Resource” and “Re-Material” (resource from used products) in the production process instead of using limited existing resource, and reduces as much waste as possible throughout the entire production process. This is where the Circular Economy Concept comes into play in the difference operation process of the industrial sector. Besides, GC considers sustainability as a core business priority and an integral part of the corporate strategy. Accordingly, GC has applied the Circular Economy Concept to consider and set the company business plan, optimize the use of resources, reduce waste generation, and reduce impacts to the environment.

The concept focuses on finding an equilibrium between technological and biological development to reduce waste and environmental impacts throughout the entire supply chain. Thus, GC integrates the concept into business practices in 3 ways, including smart operating, responsible caring and loop connecting.

Smart Operating

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Responsible Caring

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Loop Connecting

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