GC focuses on creating the best experience for all groups of employees throughout their time with the company-starting from the first day on the job until retirement. At the same time, various projects have been organized to uplift employee happiness and well-being, which includes both their well-being while working with the company and after retirement. Furthermore, GC aims to become a Happy and Zero Accident Organization; therefore, it provides employees with a working environment that is safer than legal requirements and performs ergonomic risk assessments.

In the past year, the COVID-19 situation has prompted GC to realize the need to care for employees’ health and well-being. Therefore, the company has established control policies and measures to reduce risks of COVID-19 spread and contraction. Such policies and measures are applied to all employees, contractors and visitors to the company. Moreover, GC has supported the well-being of employees during such time of crisis through various healthcare projects, with emphasis on ergonomics and stress management.

Employee Health & Well-Being Program

GC is aware of the changes in the current business sphere. In addition to developing employee skills and capabilities, GC also cares for their well-being and good working experience. GC has conducted many programs that support wide-range benefits e.g., life insurance, health care, disability, parental leave, retirement provision, stockownership, etc., including a work from home procedure. Moreover, in order to enable them to fulfil tasks and GC adjusts to new work formats quickly and sustainably in line with GC’s business operations.

Work From Home: WFH

GC has implemented the Work From Home (WFH) policy as a normal working style, newly launching a positive policy, in order to ensure work flexibility and adaptability to the COVID-19 pandemic while adhering to the demands of new generation employees. GC has also developed the infrastructures so that employees who work from home will be able to deliver similar performance compared to working in the office, for example, GC has improved its information technology system by expanding the Direct Access and VPN systems to enable employees to optimally “Work From Home”.

GC has a policy of working from home, which is incorporated in the Business Continuity Management Plan to avoid the business impacts from any circumstances when staff cannot work at the headquarter office.

Flexible Working Operations

We have policy to offer and support flexible working hours and to allow employees to work at home, so long as this can be done in a way that meets the needs of the business and there is continued compliance with the needs of employees and changes in circumstances

Family Support

The company policies are also extended to cover the well-being of our employees and their families as well.

  • GC provides 10 breast-feeding rooms in all company sites and support employees who are pregnant or recently have children.
  • GC conducted Family Day Activity to give employees a chance to relax and spend quality time with their loved children. This activity demonstrates company values in a parent-child relationship.
  • GC also provide health assurance for employees and their families i.e. spouse and children including vaccinations for employees’ infant and dental fees for employees’ children. Apart from wellness, we also support tuition fees for employees’ children from kindergarten school to university (age not over 22 years old).

Paid Parental Leave

  • Female employees have the rights to leave for childbirth, not more than 98 days and to receive wages during the leave but not to exceed 70 days, which is beyond Thai’s Labour Laws. If a pregnant employee holds a first class medical certificate that shows the employee cannot work on the usual duty, the employee has the right to ask an employer to change a job on a temporary basis before or after birth.
  • Male employees have the rights to parental leave for take care of their family for up to three working days per child, which is beyond Thai’s Labour Laws and to receive wages on the day of leave.
  • Employees can apply for additional personal leave or annual leave to care for family members (i.e., children, spouse, parents). The company will consider the suitability on a case-by-case basis.

In 2022, GC has launched several well-being projects that focused on uplifting health, mindfulness and wealth of its employees to create friendly working environment and happy working conditions. Examples of well-being projects such as Happy Life , Well Being, Medical Treatment Support, Well-being Day, and NCD Clinic Plus project.

Employee Engagement

In addition to ongoing employee well-being programs, GC also monitors the implementation results of such programs through employee satisfaction and employee engagement surveys. The surveys were prepared and developed according to the Kincentric Model which is a comprehensive multi-dimensional evaluation model with the ability to measure up to 15 employee engagement factors, such as brand, career and development, rewards and recognition, and work/life balance.

GC conducts an annual employee survey. The details of employee metrics used to measure employee engagement as well as examples of the assessment results in some dimensions are as follows:

Dimension Job Satisfaction
Sample of Metrics
  • This organization inspires me to do my best work every day
  • I am proud to be part of this organization
Result of Survey 68% of respondents satisfied with the job
Actions to Improve the Job Satisfaction Rate Well Being with activities that support continuous work commitment and satisfaction, such as Online Talk, etc.
Dimension Purpose
Sample of Metrics
  • This organization's vision provides meaningful direction to me
  • I get a sense of accomplishment from my work
Result of Survey 64% of respondents has a sense of purpose
Action to Improve the Purpose Rate Corporate Culture Promotion Project focusing on the professional collaboration between employees and their growth alongside the organization to create sustainability. Sub-projects include Meet the TOP and Change Agent Chit-Chat.
Dimension Happiness
Sample of Metrics
  • At work, my opinions and ideas seem to count
  • I truly enjoy my day-to-day work tasks
Result of Survey 64% of the respondents feeling happy in the workplace.
Action to Improve the Happiness Rate
  • Well Being Project with activities to encourage continuous work commitment and satisfaction, such as Online Talk, etc.
  • Corporate Culture Promotion Project consisting of sub-projects, such as Inspirational Leadership, etc.
Dimension Stress
Sample of Metrics
  • The balance between my work and personal commitments is right for me
  • My work related stress is manageable for me
Result of Survey 59% of respondents do not experience stress at work.
Actions to Improve the Stress Rate
  • Happy Life which focuses on managing work stress provides employees with advice on problems, such as discouragement, work problems, etc., from experienced experts.
  • Well Being Project with activities to encourage continuous work commitment and satisfaction, such as Online Talk, etc.

Performance Summary

Based on the abovementioned performance and assessment results, employee engagement level in 2022 stood at 65%.

Employee Engagement Survey Result


Target 2022

Employee engagement Survey Result (%)
Employees who Responded to the Survey Ratio (%)
Performance Target
2019 2020 2021 2022
Employee engagement Survey Result (%) 70 75 72 65 75
Employees who Responded to the Survey Ratio (%) 99 93 98 97 98