GC has implemented the Thai Labor Standard (TLS 8001-2010) and international human rights principles as guidelines to protect employees. The Welfare Committee has been set up to oversee issues regarding employees’ labor rights, welfare, and working condition. The Committee is also open to opinions and suggestions from employees. Additionally, GC strives to become a happy workplace and zero accident organization; thus, it has created a working environment, which is safer than the legal obligation, and has conducted ergonomics risk assessment on employees. Several projects have also been carried out with the aim to elevate employees’ physical and mental happiness as well as enhance their well-being while working with GC and event after their retirement.

In 2020, GC has launched several well-being projects that focused on uplifting health, mindfulness and wealth of its employees to create friendly working environment and happy working conditions. Examples of well-being projects include Fitness for Task Assessment project, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Well-being Day, and sport, recreational and financial planning activities.

GC is aware of caring for employees’ health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, GC has organized projects that support employee healthcare and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on ergonomics and stress management.

Work From Home (WFH)

GC has implemented the Work From Home (WFH) policy as a normal working style, newly launching a positive policy, in order to ensure work flexibility and adaptibility to the COVID-19 pandemic while adhering to the demands of new generation employees. GC has also developed the infrastructures so that employees who work from home will be able to deliver similar performance compared to working in the office, for example, GC has improved its information technology system by expanding the Direct Access and VPN systems to enable employees to optimally “Work From Home”.

The details of Healthy Working Environment Initiatives and Well-being Projects are given below.