GC foresees the opportunities in end-use market entry and acquiring new customer though differential technology and innovation by developing products with functional variety and high performance in response to better living of customers and end users.

GC has engaged with groups of customers (B-to-B Touch C), and external organization by launching the Customer Solution Center (CSC) at the Energy Complex as a comprehensive innovation and customer service center for the plastic industry, to encourage collaboration between GC and its partners in developing and delivering value that creates the satisfactions to the customers. As a result, customers develop attachment and preferences to the Company's products and continuously purchase the products.

The CSC is one of the channel to receive customers' opinions, and provide customers with marketing consultation. Through the CSC, ideas and innovations resulting from cooperation among customers, business partners and experts from various fields are adopted to develop products which will add value to businesses, communities and the society.

Additionally, GC aims to grow with its strategic partners who are brand owner that have similar products portfolio with GC, in order to create market opportunity through the expansion of the Company's product base. This integration will enable GC's products to be sustainably used as a key component of the brand products which will therefore met the consumer's needs.

GC has been using customer's recommendations and feedbacks from various channels such as the VOC and CSC system, as an essential information for developing innovative products in response to the needs of the customer and market. In addition, GC closely monitors the performance of its product development to ensure highest satisfaction of its customers. In 2020, the Company has collaborated with business partners to development environmentally friendly products (ie. responsible products) as well as elevate the quality of life in society due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Presently, there are 19 products under the 'Upcycling Upstyling' project. Moreover, there are projects that promote the use of bioplastics that are environmentally friendly, sanitized, and safe for usage. As for the businesses in the food delivery sector, which is playing a significant role in the 'new normal' period, there are product types that GC can develop or utilize to meet the customers' needs, such as.

New Design of Bioplastic Straw by KMP x QUALY

GC collaborated with M Packaging, which is a food packaging company. The partnership led to the development of straws processed from discarded papers, and coated entirely with bioplastic which is environmentally friendly. Moreover, the product is well-built, durable, and will not collapse easily when soaked with water. The product comes with multiple colors which offers varieties to customers' preferences. The shape of the straw is also developed in rectangular shape which optimize the packaging and shipping process of the product.


GC collaborated with THINKK STUDIO and LAWANVISUT Plastic, to process disposable garbage bags into a reusable personal bag that is highly durable and offer the utility similarly to the cloth bag. The bag comes in variety of colors and patterns due to the natural color of the recycle plastics formed in the processing stage. Therefore, each bag will have its distinctive look, all while helping its user become more environmental conscious in their consumption behavior.

2nd Life 2nd Chance by CSC X EK

GC and EK Thongprasert collaborated to design clothes made from PET plastic bottles. Under the theme 'Nobody is Born Evil' the partnership aimed to focus on the positive attributions of plastics by reprocessing plastic waste into a fashionable clothes. Moreover, the partnership collaborated with incarcerated individuals to express their creativity through the fashion products.

This is Plastic Bag by CHINNAVORN x THE REMAKER

GC and CHINNAVORN, a plastic producer, have collaborated to design a chair made from single-used plastic bags that is mainly used to store fresh food. By reprocessing the single-plastic waste into plastic pellets and subsequently plastic yarns, the collaboration was able to design a chair of plastic yarn with Thai craft pattern. As a result, 'the Remake' which is the item's name, is durable, functional, and comfortable for it usage.

In addition, GC have develop a labelling scheme and trade mark that verifies the quality of material or product that the Company produced. GC also set up activities to raise awareness on the importance of environmental friendly consumption behaviors. Moreover, GC also hold seminars and lectures for its business partners in the petrochemical sector to develop their capacity in developing environmentally products and services that matches international standards, as well as support them to adjust their business to future demands.

Young Plastic Entrepreneur Program (Young PEP)

GC held the Yong PEP program for the sixth consecutive year for business owners, entrepreneur, and business successors in the plastic industry. in order to advise the partcipants of the market trend while help preparing the participants to succeed their business, and manage the generational transiton once they begin their tenure. As such, GC provide the opportunity for participant and buseinss heir to learn from the Company executive leaders regarding intergenerational management in the workplace.