GC foresees the opportunities in end-use market entry and acquiring new customer though differential technology and innovation by developing products with functional variety and high performance in response to better living of customers and end users.

GC has engaged with groups of customers (B-to-B Touch C), and external organization by launching the Customer Solution Center (CSC) at the Energy Complex as a comprehensive innovation and customer service center for the plastic industry, to encourage collaboration between GC and its partners in developing and delivering value that creates the satisfactions to the customers. As a result, customers develop attachment and preferences to the Company's products and continuously purchase the products.

The CSC is one of the channel to receive customers' opinions, and provide customers with marketing consultation. Through the CSC, ideas and innovations resulting from cooperation among customers, business partners and experts from various fields are adopted to develop products which will add value to businesses, communities and the society.

In 2021, GC’s customers were introduced to the virtual tour of the InnoPlus Solution Center which facilitated the viewing and collaborative development of products. Furthermore, the company is committed to grow sustainably alongside its strategic partners who are brand owners, and strives to expand product development collaborations with educational institutions and government agencies in a bid to create product development opportunities, increase trade options and expand its customer base.

GC has been using customer's recommendations and feedbacks from various channels such as the VOC and CSC system, as an essential information for developing innovative products in response to the needs of the customer and market. With this regard, GC could develop environmental-friendly, safe-to-consumer, and low-carbon products, continuously. In addition, GC closely monitors the performance of its product development to ensure the highest satisfaction of its customers.

GC has collaborated with business partners to development environmentally friendly products (i.e. responsible products) as well as elevate the quality of life in society. In 2021, 81 Upcycling products have been developed, which estimated to generate revenue of 17.3 million baht. Additionally, GC has further improved Upcycling Upstyling for consecutive 2 years by expanding the collaboration with customers and partners, including world-class designer to upcycle plastic waste into value-added product under “Home & Living”. There are many product types that GC can develop or utilize to meet the customers' needs, such as.

Field Bed & Stool Chair Stu/D/O x Feltech x Ichitan

GC has collaborated with Ichitan Group, textile specialist—Feltech, and designers from Stu/D/O to transform PET beverage bottles into felt fabric via a process of sorting, grinding, fiber injection and specific compression techniques. Featuring unique characteristics, the fabric is soft, yet durable. It is used in the design of stool chairs and field beds that are inspired by origami or the Japanese art of paper folding.

Relationship Number 2 Korakot x SiamRecycle x KKF

GC and Khon Kaen Fishing Net Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Rayong Municipality, have joined forces to collect discarded fishing nets from the beaches of Rayong province. These fishing nets are, subsequently, recycled by Siam Recycle into plastic pellets and injected into multi-colored fibers for use in the production of chairs, partitions, and wall decorations. Such effort adds value to marine debris and reduces environmental pollution.

WonLoop Furniture Set JIRD x TPBI & 4F Agro x WON

GC, in collaboration with TPBI, has initiated a recurring used plastic collection project called “WON”. In 2021, such collaboration has been extended to incorporate 4F Agro Co., Ltd., Total Elements Co., Ltd., and designers from Jird Design Gallery, whereby discarded HDPE and laminated aluminium foil bags are recycled into plastic pellets. The pellets are then mixed with wood powder and additives before moulded into plastic wood planks for use in the production of WonLoop Furniture Sets under the concept of “Infinity” or the infinite use of natural resources. Offering authentic wood-like beauty, these furniture sets provide greater strength.

In addition, GC have developed a labelling scheme and trade mark that verifies the quality of material or product that the Company produced. GC also set up activities to raise awareness on the importance of environmental friendly consumption behaviours. Moreover, GC also hold seminars and lectures for its business partners in the petrochemical sector to develop their capacity in developing environmentally products and services that matches international standards, as well as support them to adjust their business to future demands.

Young Plastic Entrepreneur Program (Young PEP)

GC held the Yong PEP program for the seventh consecutive year for business owners, entrepreneur, and business successors in the plastic industry. in order to advise the participants of the market trend while help preparing the participants to succeed their business, and manage the generational transition once they begin their tenure. As such, GC provide the opportunity for participant and business heir to learn from the Company executive leaders regarding intergenerational management in the workplace.