Additionally, GC has implemented renewable energy projects to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by installing solar rooftop and solar floating power systems. Also, GC has set the target to increase the proportion of renewable energy use to cover more than 7% of main activities by 2030.

Alternative Energy Project

Solar Rooftop Project

GC has installed the solar rooftop system with total generation capacity of 2 megawatts to generate electricity for internal use.

The system can generate a maximum electricity of



million baht

Reduction of GHG Emissions

tons CO2 equivalent per year

Reduction of Costs

baht per year

Solar Floating Project

GC, in collaboration with Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC), launched the Floating Solar Power Generation Project in a bid to drive climate change efforts in line with GC’s guidelines on carbon neutrality and net-zero emissions with the collective target of achieving the Net Zero Goal. GC uses clean energy – solar energy – to generate electricity from floating solar panels to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project holds an annual electricity generation capacity of up to 1.12 million units and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 564 tons CO2 equivalent per year. As a result, the need to install 1 ton air conditioners will be lowered by 1 million units throughout the project’s 20-year contract period. GC plans to expand the Solar Floating Power Generation Project to GC Group’s petrochemical plants. This project utilizes GC’s eco-friendly plastic innovation – InnoPlus resin – which has high impact, heat, and chemical resistance as well as flexibility which allows it to be formed into many shapes.

Clean Energy Consumption

GJ per year

Reduction of GHG Emissions

tons CO2 equivalent per year

Reduction of Costs

million baht per year