GC has drawn up a career path and launched the Learning and Development Programs for all employees by determining the functional and leadership competencies necessary for each job position and each working level in order to develop their capability to correspond to the company’s goals and human resource development strategy. GC has also established a Succession Plan to select an appropriate replacement, who possesses necessary qualifications and is a role model in corporate culture, for each job position.

Moreover, GC provides many learning and development projects such as Leadership Excellence Project, Leadership Development Program II (LDP 2), Data Science and Engineering Program Project, Change Agent’s Young Blood (CAYB) Project and Productivity Improvement and Innovative Creation Training by Learning Concept of Chemical Engineering Practice School (Pi-ChEPS) Program

Employee Development Performance

Types of Training

Type of Training Percentage (%) Average Training Hours
Average Amount Spent on Training
Technical 17 57.6 15,648.14
Leadership 11 11.8 15,648.14
Occupational Health and Safety 53 9.6 14,799.41
Support for business for expansion 19 28.8 299,673.73

Average Training Hours

Gender Hour/Person/Year Average Amount Spent on Training
Female 38 14,756
Male 55
Overall 93
Average Training Hours 46.18

Investment in Employee Training

136 million baht