GC has drawn up a career path and launched the Learning and Development Programs for all employees by determining the functional and leadership competencies necessary for each job position and each working level in order to develop their capability to correspond to the company’s goals and human resource development strategy. GC has also established a Succession Plan to select an appropriate replacement, who possesses necessary qualifications and is a role model in corporate culture, for each job position.

Moreover, GC provides many learning and development projects such as Global Leadership Acceleration Program (G-LAP), Data DIY by Alteryx, dEX | SPARK - Data Science and Engineering Program Project, Productivity Improvement and Innovative Creation Training by Learning Concept of Chemical Engineering Practice School (Pi-ChEPS) Program), and GC Group Talent Project.

Additionally, in the past year, GC has implemented the various programs to develop employee capability such as providing employee trainings through the Learning Management System (LMS), which is an online platform that encourages necessary skills development for employee operations, GC Voxy English, Application of MS Teams, and cybersecurity standard. Furthermore, GC has employed the Up Learning Platform, an online learning platform where employees can freely choose courses of their own interest. The courses had been carefully selected, taking into account the skills and academic competencies required in the current and future world to provide opportunity for employees, who want to change or develop oneself to keep up with modern skills and knowledge, to learn and apply knowledge in their work effectively. In 2022, a total of 949 courses were available.

According to our leaning and development programs, GC illustrates the employee development performance in 2022 in the figure below.

Employee Development Performance

Types of Training

Type of Training Percentage Average Training Hours
Average Amount Spent on Training
Technical 18 7.7 3,320
Leadership 15 8.1 11,553
Occupational Health and Safety 35 16.6 2,968
Support for business for expansion 15 10.0 3,568
Others 17 8.4 5,402

Average Training Hours

Gender Average Training Hours
Average Amount Spent on Training
Female 32.03 17,357
Male 33.21
Average Training Hours 37.92

Investment in Employee Training

115.68 million THB