GC has committed to rely on the efficient consumption of energy, in order to increase energy efficiency and maximize benefits by reducing energy loss in every process. GC also regularly checks and maintains the equipment in the production process, as well as raises awareness among its employees in energy saving and contribute to SDGs.

GC has continuously implemented energy conservation projects in order to improve energy efficiency, develop renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from production process, as well as raise awareness among its employees to reduce energy consumption within the offices. As a result, the efficient implementation of energy management in 2023 included.

Overall Energy Conservation Projects in 2023 GRI 302-4 (2016)

In 2023, GC has conducted a total of


focusing on enhancing energy efficiency and optimization. Additionally, GC mandates that all factories obtain certification for their energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001 by the Management System. Energy audits are regularly carried out, utilizing energy data to analyze progress and identify opportunities for reducing energy consumption. Substantial investments have been made in innovation and R&D to initiate energy reduction and conservation programs. Furthermore, GC provides training sessions to enhance employee awareness of reducing energy consumption in both production processes and office environments.


million baht

Reduction of Energy Consumption

GJ per year

Reduction of GHG Emissions

tons CO2 equivalent per year

Reduction of Costs

million baht per year

Equivalent to Planting Trees

million trees per year

Outstanding Energy Conservation Project