GC continuously promotes a risk management culture throughout the organization to ensure a stable and sustainable growth. GC develops a risk culture guideline and enforces it throughout the organization. There are six components as follows: 1) Risk Governance, 2) Leadership, 3) Risk Structure, 4) Risk Technique, 5) Risk Communication and 6) Risk Management Knowledge.

Risk Governance
GC expands the risk management principle to the GC Group through "GC way of conduct" and monitors risk management report and raise up significant issue within Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC).
The Board of Directors and Executives place great important on the subject of risk management by continuously and closely monitor the process of risk management.
Risk Structure

GC's risk management structure has been covered entire company levels. To illustrate, GC's Board of Directors (BOD) has nominated Risk Management Committee (RMC) to drive and strengthen governance, risk management & internal control and compliance at business unit and operating level.

The Management Committee (MC), the Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC), and senior executives from various departments are authorized to manage corporate risk management performance in accordance with the policies, objectives, risk appetite and frameworks approved by the RMC.

GC has appointed managers to be a "GRC Partner" in order to advice executives as well as present, improve and report risk management in accordance to GRC, in order to strengthen the risk management capability in all levels.

Risk Techniques
GC has applied the international standards: ISO 31000 and COSO Enterprise risk management. Our risk management tools include Risk Profile, Mitigation, Key Risk Indicators (KRI), Monte Carlo Simulation, etc
Risk Communication

Internal communications are provided to raise awareness on risk management via various channels, i.e. newsletter, knowledge sharing by employees and subsidiaries, ERMC meeting, BSC meeting and Corporate Risk Management & Internal Control System Department website, Synergy system & One view portal for management, Incident Management System (IMS) on mobile, while external communications on risk management and risk factors are provided and disclosed in Annual Report & Integrated Sustainable Report and company's website.

Moreover, GC is embedded the risk management culture into the organization by creating employees motivation through Risk Ambassador and Risk Discussions before meetings.

Risk Management Knowledge
In order to encourage and educate employees to apply the risk management into their work, GC has continuously developed channels to communicate knowledge on risk management through sessions and learning platforms are as follows: BoD's risk awareness training, Business Continuity Management (BCM) Training, Internal Control training and M(Mobile)-learning system/E-learning on Risk Management