GC Sustainability Framework

At GC, we understand sustainability as conducting our business with consideration of all three pillar - economy, social and the environment - in all that we do. In line with GC’s vision to be “A Leading Global Chemical Company for Better Living” and GC’s mission of sustainable growth.


We aim to grow our company through the adoption of sustainable principles in our daily business practices. We seek to achieve this through the incorporation of innovation both strategically and operationally to achieve sustainable business growth.

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We value our place in the environment and seek to assure of corporate responsibility by driving change for the betterment of our environment through our operations and that of our supply chain. We believe the drive for innovation will help us deliver better products to our customers and reduce our impact on the environment throughout the supply chain.

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As a global company, we are committed to continue embracing the principles of UN Global Compact LEAD level, which we will continuously seek to integrate into every area of our operations creating value and contributing to our stakeholders and the world around us.

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