GC recognizes high values in arranging research and development (R&D) through open innovation programs with universities, network of experts, private entities, etc. GC is aware of the current and future business opportunities that come with open innovation.

GC, therefore, has established a research and development network with external organizations, research institutes and domestic and international academic institutions, as well as, business sector to increase the channel and opportunity of accessing research of the world leading institute by participating in Research Consortium. Moreover, GC has invested in Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) for the startup companies and technology funding to research and develop on the existing and new products through an increased investment of 54 million USD with the focus on developing four technology groups: 1) Advanced Material, 2) Renewable / Circularity, 3) Net Zero, and 4) Industrial Digital. These are all technologies that serve both present and future context of business, society and environment in Thailand. The examples of open innovations are as follows:

For more information about investment and GC Ventures: https://www.pttgcgroup.com/en/products-and-innovations/gc-ventures