GC has conducted studies, researched and applied technologies to enhance process capacity of upstream and downstream business groups, increase process efficiency and minimize costs in accordance with the principle of resource use optimization.

The examples of the process innovation projects are as follow.

Furnace Management

GC has developed the Furnace Optimization Model by applying the Advance Analytic (AA) principle to increase production efficiency of Olefin crackers and to extend the furnace run length. This is achieved by ensuring the appropriate adjustments of the furnace as well as modifying feedstock and product portfolio to maximize margins according to the current market situation.

Fouling Prediction and Preventive Treatment for Quench System by Digital Technology

GC has analyzed the principal cause of fouling in the quench system of the olefins plant in order to innovate a digital technology that predicts and prevents fouling in the production process. This technology contributed to lowering chemical consumption in the production process by 7.3 tons per. Morever,

the project provides a cost-saving of up to

million baht per year

GC will introduce this technology to other production lines to adopt this technology.

Heat Exchanger Efficiency Improvement by Chemical Cleaning Technology

GC, in collaboration with external parties, has developed a cleaning innovation for the heat exchanger in the aromatics plant which replaces the current physical cleaning procedures with chemical cleaning. This innovative technology has increased the efficiency of the heat exchanger by 15 percent and has, consequently, reduced heat exchanger-related expenses by over 5 million baht per year. With this new technology, the lifetime of the heat exchanger has been extended by over 50 percent of the total usage period, due to simplification of the disassembly process, which reduces the risks of chemical exposure.