Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) is established to govern the strategic directions of the mitigation of the climate change-related issues. These include GHG reduction target setting, refinement of project investment plans by emphasizing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, and seeking an approach to use alternative energy in both GC’s production processes and offices, internal carbon price setting, eco-design in accordance with circular economy principle, Life Cycle Assessment analysis and collaborative partnership along supply chain, especially with communities and consumers.

SDC's members are comprised of the highest-level Executive Officers of business units and support functions. SDC shall report to Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as the chairman. Other members of the SSC included of President (PSD) , Chief Operating Officer of the Center of Excellence (COE), Senior Executive Vice President of Upstream Petrochemical Business (SEVP-U), Senior Executive Vice President of Downstream Petrochemical Business (SEVP-D) and highest level Executive who in member of Management of Committee

Sustainability Steering Committee Structure (SSC)