GC set-up two committees to drive the company’s sustainability.

Sustainability Development Committee (SDC)

  • Highest level Sustainability executive officer as a chairman for the committee
  • Highest level executive officers from all relevant functions are members

Role of the SDC

  • Outlining and revising the measures, policies, strategies, and objectives regarding sustainable development and decarbonization for the organization and its partners to ensure operational congruence, which will result in a balance between environmental, social, and governance matters, while maintaining international standards of practice.
  • Determining plans, practical applications, and measurement systems for the operational integration required to achieve decarbonization and sustainable development on an organizational level.
  • Scrutinizing, monitoring, and making recommendations regarding decarbonization and sustainability to ensure both the short- and long-term objectives of the organization are met.
  • Managing, scrutinizing, giving approval and/or considering other aspects regarding investment projects for the organization and its partners in cases where investment returns are significantly impacted through the use of internal carbon pricing.
  • Giving approval and/or making recommendations on crucial issues surrounding sustainability and the release of operational data related to said sustainability in accordance with service management principles and international standards of practice.
  • Supporting a working group to ensure integration of efforts to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released by the organization in accordance with operational guidelines and objectives set forth by the company.
  • Providing adequate support and development to the administration of budgets, resources, and staff.