GC continually embed supply chain management with resource efficiency and environmentally-friendly, healthy, and safe products by communicating with our supply chain about sustainable social responsibility in all dimensions including the economy, society, and the environment. As one of the leading companies in chemical sectors, GC has also established a Green Procurement system to enhance shared values for our businesses, customers and society.

Supplier Management

GC's supply chain management includes feedstock sourcing of raw materials, condensate, and crude oil. PTT is our most significant partner providing these raw materials and fuels. Other partners that provide non-feedstock goods and other services include sub-contractors, machinery sellers, instrument dealers, waste treatment and logistics companies, and many more.

GC has a management system linked to these partners, plus a monitoring and verification system to assess partner performance and transparency to ensure their alignment with GC's Supplier Code of Conduct. It provides rules in areas such as health and safety, occupational health, environment, contribution to society, and good governance. These rules are rigorously enforced, especially practices concerning employees and partners.

GC's supplier risk management system includes risk assessments and spend analysis to identify crucial partners in the supply chain, which are then registered on our Approved Vendor List (AVL). Under AVL criteria, Vendor Questionnaires are used to validate the qualifications of suppliers registered on GC's supplier list. The four assessment criteria are:
i) Technical Aspects;
ii) Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC);
iii) Health, Safety and Environment (HSE); and
iv) Financial Aspects, plus an assessment of suppliers' business ethics and labour compliance.

After suppliers are registered on our AVL, they still have to pass a Yearly Performance. GC monitors supplier performance through self-assessment and by performing site audits based on GC criteria for each product type and service. Each user function at GC can offer criticism or raise problems with a supplier's products or services, as well as environmental and social issues or governance matters, through Vendor Criticism, where GC would evaluate the situation and find precaution. Ultimately, if the suppliers are not following the supplier's standard and code of conduct, GC can temporary or permanently terminate the contracts.