Occupational Health and Safety Culture

One of the safety cultures which has been effectively implement throughout the organization is the B-CAREs Project. This project emphasizes on safe working behaviors, risk assessments, and being aware of potential accidents in the workplace.

GC also has many activities leading to Management Safety Leadership Commitments by executives at different levels and safety engagement by our employees, contractor and key suppliers. These initiatives include Management Safety and the Reliability Walk, a Management Safety Speech in Basic Safety Training, Safety Talks, and Safety Walks and Observation (SWO). GC also sets up a communications program as an Effective Tool Box Talk for operators and employees that give them the ability to stop processes when an unsafe situation arises.

In addition, GC wants all of our staff to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This is why the company has a healthcare program that provides medical check-ups for employees when they start work to collect baseline data on the employee’s health, followed by an annual health check-up. We do this to assess risk factors for each employee group, focusing on preventing potential health risks or conditions that can lead to occupational illnesses.

Example the Occupational Health and Safety Culture Projects