Occupational Health and Safety Culture
GRI 403-2 (2018), 403-3 (2018), 403-4 (2018), 403-6 (2018)

One of the safety cultures which has been effectively implemented throughout the organization is the B-CAREs Project. This project emphasizes on safe working behaviors, risk assessments, and awareness of potential accidents in the workplace.

GC also has many activities leading to Management Safety Leadership Commitments by executives at different levels and safety engagement by our employees, contractors and key suppliers. These initiatives include Management Safety and the Reliability Walk, a Management Safety Speech in Basic Safety Training, Safety Talks, and Safety Walks and Observation (SWO). Furthermore, GC also implements other requirements including Pre-Task Effective Tool Box Talk, Pre-Task Planning Checkpoint, internal inspection, procedures to investigate work-related injuries, ill health, diseases and incidents, and the possibility for workers to stop tasks that are deemed unsafe. In order to better enhance the occupational health and safety culture, GC has applied Operational Discipline (OD) characteristics of all employees and contractors in practice according to the roles and duties of each level under the “B-CAREs in Action by Operational Discipline (OD)” project.

In addition, GC wants all of our staff to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This is why the company has a healthcare program that provides medical check-ups for employees when they start work to collect baseline data on the employee’s health, health pre-screening program, followed by an annual health check-up. We do this to assess risk factors for each employee group, focusing on preventing potential health risks or conditions that can lead to occupational illnesses. The health check-up results are strictly confidential in accordance with GC’s Privacy Policy.

Moreover, GC has executed other projects to promote employee health and well-being : click

Example the Occupational Health and Safety Culture Projects

More information on other highlight projects is available in GC Integrated Sustainability Report 2022, such as:

  • B-CAREs in Action by Operational Discipline (OD) to strengthen the safety culture by applying Operational Discipline (OD) characteristics of all employees and contractors in practice.
  • Pre-Task Planning Checkpoint to enable Area Owner or Job Owner to carefully check the readiness of operators.