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  • Community satisfaction rate in 2022 at least 86 percent
  • Conduct more than three Social Enterprise (SE) and Creating Shared Value (CSV) at least 3 projects within 2022.
  • Achieve CSR strategy goals from 2022 onwards, focusing 70% of the efforts on social development in creating business value and 30% on donation to society.
  • Aim towards becoming the Partner of Choice within 2025.

Challenges and Strategic Response

In parallel with our business operation, GC supports and contributes to the improvement of local communities in order to create balance in conducting business, respond to the expectations of stakeholders as well as protect and reduce environmental and social impacts. GC commits to create shared business value with local communities and the society. We also focus on building relationship and engagement with all sectors. GC strives to create shared business value with local communities and the society. We also focus on building relationship and engagement with all sectors. In order to achieve these goals, GC applies our innovation and expertise to CSR projects and activities, which align with the circular economy concept. Such projects improve the quality of life and economy for the people in the community surrounding our operating sites in tandem with resolving environmental issues concerning water shortage and plastic waste management. These activities truly respond to the current needs of the communities, allowing them to develop alongside the company in a sustainable manner.

Management Approach GRI 3-3 (2021)

CSR Strategy

GC has developed the Corporate Sustainability Strategy based on one of Corporate Strategy “Balance Business with Sustainability” and the UN SDGs. Our Corporate Sustainability Strategy has focused on Creating Shared Values (CSV) and Social Enterprise (SE), which are emphasized to solve the social problems, to increase resource efficiency through Circular Economy (CE) and sustainable environment management. These efforts of creating balance growth of community and society along with the growth of the organization also aligns with the stakeholders’ expectations.

GC continues its implementation of the Step Up strategy to enhance organizational sustainability in leading ESG practices throughout the value chain and covering all groups of stakeholders by driving actions towards the Net Zero Goal (decarbonization). The company also implements Circular Economy (integrated waste management) in conjunction with extending social enterprise operations in various projects and striving to meet the needs of communities and societies with a more efficient and effective CSR Portfolio to create social impact while increasing confidence, credibility, and trust in the company in order to become Partners of Choice.

Accordingly, GC has taken the following actions:

1. Decarbonization (Net Zero): Supporting and cooperating with communities and networks within and beyond GC areas in the effort to increase forest areas and absorb carbon as well as promote carbon credits.

2. Circular Economy (Waste Management): Implementing Circular Economy principles to drive integrated waste management, establishing efficient community plastic recycling centers using the YOUTURN Platform as a management tool, and creating awareness of continuous end-to-end plastic waste management to create social returns and maximize positive social contributions.

3. SE Transformation (Evolution): Closely collaborating with communities to expand social enterprise operations in various projects to create income, occupation, and benefits for the communities, respond to needs, solve community problems, and establish a sustainable society.

4. Community Relations (Stakeholder Management): Fostering good relationships with communities and societies through collaborations on projects and activities, responding to needs, and solving stakeholder problems to create long-term social satisfaction.

More information on other relevant highlight project is available in GC Integrated Sustainability Report 2022, such as

  • Community Waste Model Collaborating with communities on integrated waste management
  • Water Conservation Project Collaborating with networks and communities to solve flood/drought problems in communities
GC ISR 2022

GC continuously develops CSR programs and activities by following the Corporate Sustainability Strategy and G-BEST criteria, according to three priorities, which are Better Living, Sharing, and Ecology.

Good Citizenship
  • Responsibility/Accountability
  • Good Governance
  • Transparency
  • Equality
Better Living
  • Better Economic Status
  • Better Social Well-Being, Incl. Health
  • Sustainable Impacts
  • Balance
  • Environment
  • Align/Support to Business Strategy (Product and Process)
  • Issue Management/Risk Prevention & Mitigation
  • CSR (with Shared Return to PTTGC)
  • Share Expertise
  • Address Stakeholder Expectation
  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Relation/Networking/Trust

Community Satisfaction Survey Result

GC’s continuous CSR efforts have contributed to achieve community satisfaction rate above target in 2022. This reflects our good relationship with local communities and the society as well as their confidence in our company.

Community Satisfaction
2019 2020 2021 2022
Community Satisfaction (%) 90.10 86.14 91.25 90.46

Target 2022