Challenges and Business Opportunities

Currently, human rights issue is a key issue attracting global attention because it is rights that all individual are equally and ethically entitled to and should not be violated by anyone. Various issues related to the violation of human rights can potentially have a negative effect on GC’s reputation and business operation such as refusal of purchasing goods and services.

Therefore, GC prioritizes the importance of human rights by operating its business in respect to the human rights principle, as well as in accordance with the provisions set out in the Thai laws, and internationally recognized laws and regulations.

GC is committed to maintain the operational standards according to the Human Rights Policy. In order to prevent and avoid any risks of violating the human rights of employees, joint ventures, business partners (suppliers, contractors and customers) and local communities. Moreover, GC has established a human rights guideline, to be a role model of operating in strictly abiding by human rights. The guideline is in line with the international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights and the International Labour Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Human Rights Management Approach

GC has developed the human rights management guideline throughout its value chain according to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) in order to prevent and avoid human rights abuses among employees, joint ventures, business partners (suppliers, contractors and customers) and local communities.

Human Rights Management Process

Human Rights Management Framework

The human rights management approach is separated into five stages as follows

  • Determining a human rights policy
  • Preparing a Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) which includes a human rights risk assessment
  • Conducting human rights impact assessment, establishing preventive and corrective measures, and providing remedies for those who might be affected by immediate and long-term solutions
  • Monitoring and reporting of human rights performance
  • Raising awareness for stakeholders on the prevention of potential human rights violation. The figure below outlines the Human Rights Management process.

GC Human Rights Policy

GC Human Rights Policy


Executives and employees have the responsibility to follow the human rights guidelines, adhere to the laws and respect for human dignity, rights and liberty, and treat all parties equally.

  • Carry out, promote, protect and encourage respect for fundamental Human Rights at all levels. The Company shall also ensure that no person receives unfair treatment or is subjected to discrimination against race, ethnicity, skin color, lineage, national or social origin, religion, social status, gender, age, characteristics or physical appearance, language, political opinion, or is discriminated against because of assets or any other status.

  • Executives and employees have duties and responsibilities to promote the rights in accordance with social and universal rules wherever Global Chemical Group conducts businesses. This is to ensure that such business conduct does not contribute to or refrain from committing any act which results in Human Rights violation. Accordingly, executives and employees should also give priority in business dealings with customers or suppliers who also have respect for Human Rights.

  • Abide with the gender equality GC promotes the achievement of the SDGs and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. GC highly values gender equality throughout the supply chain to ensure that there is zero human rights impact. GC also supports no discrimination against nationality, social status, health, education, occupational rights, social classes, racial characteristics and sexual orientation.

  • Determine and maintain fair working conditions for all, as well as, being good examples for conducting business and for other related aspects in line with Human Rights, such as prevention of child labor. GC follows the universal standards concerning the principles of Human Rights, rights, liberty and equality.

  • Recruit new joiner fairly and do not discriminate any employees, by which there are opportunities for all employees to grow in the organization and benefits are provided equally.

  • Provide workshop regarding Human Rights to both managers and employees to understand the basic rights that everyone should have. This might reduce the risks of misconduct on human right in business operation.