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Talent Attraction and Retention
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Material Topics
Human Capital Development
Impact Level


  • Employee engagement level at 75% in 2022
  • Female employee percentage at 25% in 2022
  • Female employee percentage at 27% in 2026

Challenges and Business Opportunities

Fast-changing global situations, intensifying business competition, and unpreparedness in terms of human resources are factors that may affect business efficiency and cause inappropriate or excessive use of both natural and human resources. As a result, GC may be faced with challenges in developing employees to cope with business changes in a timely manner. Therefore, GC places emphasis on the development of employee capability and capacity in order to prepare them for business changes and competition through talent recruitment and retention coupled with the development of skills and learning to support the company’s strategies and growth. GC focuses on strengthening our corporate culture, and improving employees’ safety and well-being in order to become the leading organization in the chemical industry that attracts talent to be the part of organization.

Management Approach GRI 3-3 (2021)


GC has taken continuous actions related to human resources and organizational structure. The company focuses on developing employee capability and capacity, recruiting quality employees, and providing care for employees at all levels in terms of health, wealth and mindfulness in order to build a strong foundation and prepare the organization for all kinds of crises while sustainably strengthening its leadership in the petrochemical and chemical businesses.

Organization Transformation Strategy

GC is designated to develop people strategy in three major areas, namely people, organization and culture in order to achieve highest efficiency and effectiveness, and minimize any risk which may impact on business operation.



Having a suitable number of employees with high capacity and capability who are ready to drive the organization towards the achievement of established goals and business plans.



Having a flexible and agile structure and work format that can support and maximize employee capacity development to effectively accommodate business expansion.



Having a strong corporate culture where employees behave and operate in adherence to the GC 4 Core Behaviors.

GC conducts several human resource programs, covering improvement on knowledge, capabilities, potentials, through academic and workshop trainings. GC also finds individuals that their profile coincides with company’s growth direction and culture. Additionally, GC has improved and synchronized operational formats with current and future technology by applying digital technologies to assist the business operations, including continuously reinforcing company’s culture through encouraging GC SPIRIT 4 Core Behaviors. These improvements is to prepare for rapid changes, inspire to apply knowledge and technology to effectively create new innovation, which supports GC’s growth direction.

GC conducts several projects to enhance employees’ knowledge and capability. We also take the consideration of our employees’ expectations and demands to strengthen the human resource management. In addition to this, employee engagement survey has been conveyed to measure satisfaction in an annual basis. The conducted survey covers key drivers, such as collaboration, diversity & inclusion, rewards & recognition, and work-life balance, etc. And the results, employee’s feedbacks and comments received through the survey, have been used to improve GC’s employee engagement. Concurrently, GC has developed action plan and deployed human resources management strategies at the corporate and operation unit levels.

In addition, GC constantly communicates the results to all employees, including providing suggestions and tips for being happy and amused in the workplace, in order to communicate employee about current working situation. Moreover, GC has offered opportunity for employee to freely provide opinions or recommendations about working conditions.