Accumulative Energy Reduction by

million GJ

or 55% within 2030, from the base year (2012)

Energy efficiency performance of plants under GC Group to achieve Top Quartile Performance in Benchmarking

Challenges and Opportunities

Due to the industrial sector has highest energy consumption compared to other sectors, which the acquisition of these energy causes impact on the environment and health. In addition, it considers as the main factors that results in global warming.

GC has committed to solve problem at the root causes by utilizing energy and resources efficiency. Furthermore, GC improves the efficiency of the production process by applying technology, such as renewable energy technology, solar energy, etc., to enhance efficency use of resources and energy.

Energy Management Process

GC has implemented and certified the energy management system according to ISO 50001 and operated in accordance with the GC Energy Excellence Roadmap in all factories. All GC’s factories have been certified the energy management system according to ISO 50001 by Management System Certification Institute (Thailand); MASCI, which demonstrates efficient energy uses, continuous improvement and strictly adhering to laws and regulations.

According to the implementation of Energy Conservation Projects in 2020, the overall performance can be summarized as the following

Energy Efficiency of Plants Achieving Top Quartile Performance




Accumulative Energy Reduction

(Million GJ)