The ‘Local SME Entrepreneur’ development project
(promoting products made by the community)

GC promotes community products to boost jobs and incomes in communities. This can be done sustainably by implementing activities that support online sales training and development, PR promotions for community shops via online sites, and establishing networks to promote and distribute products.

A strong community is one that ensures that jobs are sustainable and that opportunities are passed down to successive generations....

GC recognizes the importance of promoting products made by communities in Rayong province where the company has its operations. This effort contributes to stable jobs and incomes, and more resilient communities. GC recently organized a seminar and workshop on developing skills for community members covering online sales training, distribution channels, PR promotions for shops through online pages, product distribution and development promotions and networks, and training on ‘product photography and styling.’

GC also assisted the community through sales channel promotions and activities at events such as a seasonal fruit fair, market fair, Rayong’s local food fair, and healthcare equipment fair, in addition to activities such as a community market at GC Group’s plant, Rayong’s signature product market at GC’s Rayong office and headquarters, and the ‘Pan Suk’ market at Central Plaza East Ville and Central Rayong.

This effort is helping to increase sales for community members. In 2019, over 4.9 million baht was raised increasing to over 10.9 million baht in 2020.

GC will continue to help support communities because we strongly believe that happiness begins at home – and our true home is here in Rayong....

Last Update Apr 2021