GC is committed to using energy and resources efficiently. All of GC’s factories received the ISO 50001 energy management system certification from the ISO Certification Institute. This demonstrates a responsibility for efficient use of energy and continual development.

Asset and Efficiency Improvement

In 2021 GC uses technology to improve the efficiency of the production process to maximize the use of resources and energy, both in terms of reducing energy consumption and steam in the production process. GC applies digital technology and the reduction of energy and resources in an integrated manner within its group of companies through the implementation of projects, such as the Maptaphut Integration Project, the Heavy Gas Project, etc.

Energy consumption has been reduced by

gigajoules per year

An equivalent to

tonnes of CO2 emissions

Examples of Operations in Efficiency-Improvement

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Low Carbon Power and Heat

GC aims to use low carbon power and heat in the office and the production process. At present, GC has undertaken pilot projects to install solar rooftop power generation systems on the company's factories. In addition, discussions are held with government and private sector actors to gain access to other low carbon power and heat sources with competitive pricing for the future.

Low Carbon Power and Heat Example

Solar Rooftop Project

GC has implemented alternative energy projects to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by installing the solar rooftop system to generate electricity for internal use.

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Low Carbon Power and Heat Innovation Scouting by Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

In addition to the aforementioned projects, GC continues to develop, seek and build relationships with various partners by utilizing Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) , as well as apply cutting-edge technology that is highly effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at competitive costs, to expand beyond the limits of today's technology. This includes other forms of clean energy technology, such as green and blue hydrogen, biogas, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology that can used for clean, durable energy instead of using hydrocarbon fuels.

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GHG reduction initiatives in Our Value Chain.