20 March 2019

KL3IS: A Thai-made Kenaf Surfboard that Signifies the Combination of Innovation and Agriculture


The KL3IS surfboard is created from the wish to raise awareness on environmental problems. The surfboard has been developed by the collaboration between PTT Global Chemical Public Co., Ltd, or GC and Cobra International Co., Ltd, Asia’s largest surfboard manufacturing plant in order to be an alternative for environmental conscious surfers and surfboard manufactures. The combination of innovation and agricultural knowledge on kenaf is a great example for Thailand Inventors’ Day and National Agriculture Day, which fall on February 2 every year.

In the light of the research led by Dr. Jittiporn Kruenate, GC’s Vice President of Corporate Innovation, Science and Innovation Center, The KL3IS surfboard was selected to be 1 of 6 finalists in the Combined Strength category that was presented to the composites product that can solve a problem and demonstrate the team approach of a talented research team at the 2018 Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX), which was held in Dallas, Texas, the US.

What special about the KL3IS surfboard is not only it made the local plant like kenaf, which is light become more well-known globally by being woven into weaves, but also the surfboard is coated with bio-mimic coating reagent that has three properties of a lotus leaf’s super-hydrophobicity, spider webs’ strength, and chili’s fungi proof that is made possible through phytoalexin synthesis.

The name KL3IS surely represents the surfboard’s distinguished performances starting from: K stands for kenaf that is native to Asia; L3 represents the three abilities of the surfboard – lightweight, low volatile, and less resin consumption; I for innovation that reflects the GC and Cobra International research team who transformed kenaf into the innovative surfboard; and S stands for sustainability that highlights GC’s ultimate aim towards raising awareness on sustainable living with nature by changing lifestyle and using products that are more eco-friendly.

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