02 April 2017

10 Finalists Selected by PTTGC in ‘Rayong’s Specialties by Chef Chumphon’ Campaign, Jointly Promoting Tourism in Rayong


PTT Global Chemical PCL or PTTGC held the activity ‘Rayong’s Specialties by Chef Chumphon by PTTGC’, and selected 10 finalists from 20 contestants participating in this campaign to promote tourism in Rayong through creation of new menus using local ingredients at the Rayong Local Food Fair, in front of Central Plaza Rayong Department Store.

The 10 finalists who are qualified to proceed to the final round in ‘Rayong’s Specialties by Chef Chumphon by PTTGC’ are:

  1. Deep-Fried Shrimp with Chamuang Leaf Sauce by Khun Phanupong Kuanha, Baan Boonpetch Restaurant
  2. Nern Sawang Chamuang Pork Curry by Khun Suwanna Chaiyapruek, J.Nong Nern Sawang Restaurant
  3. Lay Plahi Curry by Khun Phisamai Piluek, Krua Phisamai Restaurant
  4. Sour Curry with Crab, Pickled Bamboo Shoot and Pak Kra Chub (a kind of local vegetable) by Khun Parischanok Suwannachote, Meedee Farm Poonim Rayong Restaurant
  5. Rayong Pork Ribs with Chamuang Hi Sauce by Khun Watit Sington, steak@good Restaurant
  6. Fried Pak Kra Chub Spicy Salad by Khun Sarapee Thawilu, Mooban Thalae Noi Restaurant
  7. 5 Companions Spicy Salad by Khun Kanittha Barbonee, Lacapanna Restaurant
  8. Traditional Noodles in Red Sauce by Khun Pikul Kittipol, Mai Krisana Community Estate, Kachade Sub-District
  9. Stir-Fried Klaeng Noodles with Salty Fish, Shredded Squid and Crispy Durian by Khun Theeranun Assawapanyakul, Tique Series Restaurant
  10. Durian Pie with Salacca Sauce by Khun Nares Wanichakul, Janya Restaurant


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