12 December 2023

GC has achieved the top position in the Chemicals Sector according to the DJSI World Index, securing the highest score for five consecutive years. It stands as a global sustainability leadership.


On December 12, 2023 - Bangkok: PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC) or GC is the only company in the world to have been ranked number 1 in the Chemicals Sector by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) - World Index group with the highest score for five consecutive years by S&P Global. This reaffirms their commitment to being a sustainable model organization on a global level, operating a business that prioritizes environmental, social, and corporate governance and economic (ESG) efficiency. They aim to drive their business sustainably throughout the supply chain while aiming to achieve net zero by the year 2050, aligned with Paris Agreement (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change-UNFCCC).

GC operates globally in the Chemicals Sector and has devised strategies to transition into a low-carbon or net-zero company by 2050. They are committed to conducting a balanced business across three dimensions: Environment, Social, and Good Corporate Governance (ESG) continuously, as follows:

E - Environment:

GC has established policies and developed operational strategies and consensus decarbonization plans, focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These includes:

  • Increasing the proportion of renewable energy usage, integrating technologies and digitalization systems into manufacturing processes.
  • Long-term business structure adjustments towards a low-carbon business model, reallocating investments, fostering environmentally friendly business growth focusing on High Value (Performance Chemicals) and Low Carbon (Bio & Circularity) businesses, and seeking new domestic and international business opportunities.
  • Carbon reduction through carbon sequestration from nature-based solutions via the "The more we plant, the better it gets" project. Additionally, studying ways to apply carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, including carbon credit trading.
  • Acknowledging the importance of natural resources, conducting business operations by considering the impacts on biodiversity in all operational areas.

S – Social:

GC is aware of the quality of life in the community and society, both in the vicinity of factories and at the national level. The company devised its operational strategies on social responsibility. This involves promoting skill development, creating careers, and generating income for the community through diverse projects. Simultaneously, it focuses on nurturing local capabilities, fostering community identities, and laying a robust and sustainable foundation for socioeconomic development and, for example, establishing a Community Waste Model Center to serve as a model for managing plastic waste at the local level with the aim to expand this initiative nationwide.

Regarding its employees, GC is dedicated to developing the organization into a learning institution, reinforcing a culture and work atmosphere that promotes teamwork. Recognizing that every employee is a vital and valuable factor contributing to sustainable success and progress, GC aims to foster a conducive environment for continuous growth. Additionally, GC invests in enhancing the skills and capabilities of its employees to align with business objectives (Human Capital Development) to support the transition towards a sustainable organization."

G - Governance & Economic:

GC places importance on managing the business with transparency and upholding business ethics. Simultaneously, it aims to enhance competitiveness while developing partners’ capabilities in the business chain. This includes continuous innovation to improve products and solutions that align with mega-trends and changing customer and market demands.

Dr. Kongkraphan Intarajang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GC, stated, "GC is proud to be the first Thai company and the only company globally to hold the number 1 position continuously for 5 years in the DJSI World Index within the Chemicals Sector. This ranking reflects our unwavering commitment to continuously foster ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) balance while meeting the expectations of all stakeholders. GC has developed environmentally friendly quality products (E), brought about positive societal changes (S), and ensured corporate governance and business ethics (G). Beyond being a model of sustainable organization that shares knowledge in this matter, GC is also progressing to promote sustainability throughout the entire supply chain management to expand cooperation to all sectors, creating a concrete transition to sustainability both nationally and globally.”

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) is a globally recognized index that ranks organizations based on sustainability among more than 3,500 large companies worldwide Compiled by S&P Global, it serves as a tool to assess the sustainable development performance of leading global companies. It ensures confidence that these companies manage all dimensions according to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles and can generate sustainable returns for investors, as well as create long-term value for stakeholders.

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