The ‘Upcycling SE’ Project (Sarn Palung Social Enterprise Co., Ltd.)

The ‘Upcycling SE’ project, operated by Sarn Palung Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of PTT Group), is building an integrated and sustainable plastic waste management practice through the sales of fashionable value-added products made of upcycled PET bottles. This reinforces the concept of GC Circular Living which promotes the efficient use of resources and their maximum benefits.

Efficiently using resources and ensuring their maximum benefits is what GC Circular Living is all about, incorporating the principles of the Circular Economy in our daily lives...

GC is operating the ’Upcycling SE’ project under the supervision of Sarn Palung Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SPSE), a subsidiary of PTT Group, to build an integrated and sustainable plastic waste management practice by adding value to PET bottles through the upcycling or recycling processes and producing fashionable products for daily use, such as clothing, bags, and furniture for sale to companies and the public. Products are marked with the “Upcycling by GC” and “Upcycling Plastic Waste” trademarks, indicating that plastic waste for the project was collected and sorted with the help of communities and schools in Rayong province as part of the ‘Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand’ and ‘Think Cycle Bank’ projects which GC continues to operate.

The ’Upcycling SE’ project helps create jobs and incomes for disadvantaged communities and groups by engaging them in the production process.

This improves their quality of life and builds self-reliance while mitigating the plastic waste problem by creating new, value-added products using the upcycling process. This project is a pilot social enterprise that showcases integrated and sustainable plastic waste management that contributes to the Circular Economy and reinforces the GC Circular Living concept in all dimensions including the efficient use of resources ensuring maximum benefits, and proper waste separation contributing to increased recycling.

The project’s operations are leading to concrete outcomes. From 2019-2020, the project sold 52,550 products achieving a profit of 5.33 million baht and received overwhelmingly positive feedback through many communications channels thanks to pre-orders from 30 companies. The project also involves product development and a marketing campaign to give back to society in a collaboration with other brands that share the common objectives of social enterprises. Other projects that support disadvantaged communities and groups include Artstory by the Autistic Thai Foundation, the ‘Pakjit Pakjai’ project by the Foundation for The Blind in Thailand, and projects involving the Charoen Community and Women’s Community Enterprise Group of Aue Arthorn in Rayong, which are increasing opportunities and incomes in the community.

GC continues to increase happiness in communities and society....

Last Update Apr 2021