20 June 2019

GC receives 80,000 plastic bottles and 7,000 compostable cups from the first “Kaokonlakao” run in the northeastern region to improve the environment and help change the cycle of plastic waste


The first running event in the “Kaokonlakao - Moving Forward Together” project to fund eight hospitals in Thailand’s northeastern region took place on June 15 and 16, 2019, covering a total distance of 187 kilometers from Nong Khai to Khon Kaen. The run was led by Toon, a member of Body Slam, along with many popular stars including Pakorn (Boy) Chatboriruk, Pakorn (Dome) Lam, Napat (Nine) Siangsomboon, Surivipa (Numam) Kultangwattana, Robert (Bobby) Poonpipat, Patcharasri (Kalamare) Benjamas, Puttichai (DJ Push) Kasetsin, Pongsakorn (Toey) Mettarikanon, and Buakaw Banchamek, together with 12,000 other participants who joined the Kaokonlakao team.

After the first run ended, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, or GC, led by Mr. Kittipong Limsuwanroj, Vice President – Downstream Market Development, accepted the waste that was collected by the Kaokonlakao project members, which consisted of 80,000 plastic bottles to help change the cycle of waste. The compostable cups will be donated to the Royal Forest Department to use for planting sprouts, while the plastic bottles will go through the upcycling process to produce t-shirts and neck ribbons for medals for upcoming activities in the southern region.

GC values what the Kaokonlakao - Moving Forward Together project is trying to achieve, which is supporting improved public health for all Thais. Last year’s project was hugely successful in raising both awareness and funds from Thais and people abroad. This year, GC wanted to join in the project and include an environmental aspect, encouraging not only running for good physical and mental health, but to also have a positive impact on the environment.

“It’s important that everyone applies the concept of “Circular Living – Lifestyles that Change the World” by encouraging the maximum efficiency of resource consumption, reducing the waste we generate, and turning the idea of a “Waste Reducing Lifestyle” into actual practice on a wide scale. Most importantly, the concept helps the public to understand why these priorities are important and how they can take part. The Kaokonlako project is truly unique as it is the only running activity in Thailand to reduce plastic waste while it takes place in five regions. This will be done in three steps: 1. The medals given to participants will be made from recycled plastic; 2. GC’s compostable cups will be used instead of plastic cups; and 3. Plastic bottles used during the run will be collected and upcycled into the neck ribbons that hold the medals, well as t-shirts that will be sold to promote the project’s healthcare and environmental goals.”, said Mr. Limsuwanroj

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