The “Rayong Destination of Happiness” Project

GC and Silpakorn University joined together to conduct research on the origins of invaluable arts and culture passed down from generation to generation. The “Rayong Destination of Happiness” project was initiated to conserve the region’s local cultural heritage for future generations as well as to promote tourist destinations in Rayong province. Visitors will be better informed of Rayong not just for its beautiful beaches and delicious foods, but a rich heritage of arts and culture that is worth treasuring and which a new generation can learn about and study.

Rayong is a coastal province with a long history. King Taksin famously stopped in Rayong to mobilize his troops around Wat Loom Mahachai Chumpon located in the middle of the province, before moving on to win an important victory in the town of Chanthaburi

and subsequently winning back Siam’s independence from the Burmese. It is therefore important given its historic significance, however, Rayong is also the country’s destination of happiness – offering a broad and valuable cultural heritage that reflects indigenous wisdom passed down from successive generations.

GC operates a group of plants located in Rayong province. The company therefore understands the importance of Rayong’s history which led to the initiation of the “Rayong Destination of Happiness” project with Silpakorn University. The project is carrying out research on Rayong’s cultural heritage, which was unearthed at several of the province’s archaeological sites, to build a better understanding of the origins of Rayong province through an in-depth approach while conserving, developing, elevating, and improving the information into a digital database. The goal is to connect important academic data, promote the province’s history and culture and support and add value to Rayong’s economy.

Silpakorn University is focused on the study of history, ancient sites and objects, characteristics of the indigenous people, and the local customs and way of life. This coincides with researching documents, ancient writings, and artworks and crafts using advanced archaeological methods in four of Rayong’s districts including Muang, Baan Khai, Klang, and Baan Chang in an effort to build awareness of local knowledge. Partnering with GC, the project includes creating a “tourism footpath” through cultural conservation especially at sites where Silpakorn University is conducting research in addition to providing information on Rayong Destination of Happiness tourist destinations.

An ancient proverb states that “Art is Long, and Life is Short.” This perfectly relates to the “Rayong Destination of Happiness” project. People come and go, and we all will eventually pass away, but the arts and culture can be preserved and passed on contributing to endless learning for future generations.

Last Update Apr 2021