29 April 2020

Stronger Together to Help Restaurants Overcome COVID-19


GC Supports Restaurants Fighting COVID-19 and Pleases Green Eaters with Double Offers

1st Offer: GC is providing over 300,000 units of eco-friendly packaging certified with the GC Compostable label to participating restaurants in the Wongnai network through the LINE MAN delivery service.

GC is collaborating with its partners to help restaurant operators fight against COVID-19 through their ‘Stronger Together” project, in which over 300,000 environmentally-friendly packaging products (bioplastic-coated cups, bags, and forks and spoons) certified with the GC compostable label are being provided to over 200 participating restaurants under the Wongnai network through the LINE MAN app for use in food deliveries. This ensures that consumers receive their food packed in safe, biodegradable, and eco-friendly packaging which in turn, helps reduce the amount of waste.

2nd Offer: Win ‘Upcycling by GC’ products through the “Chim (Taste) – Chae (Taking Photo) - Share” campaign when placing online orders with restaurants using GC Compostable certified packaging.

Don’t miss out if you’re an eco-friendly foodie who is passionate about online meal deliveries, and loves to take food pics and share your stories online!

Today, we selected some photos from popular restaurants and street foods participating in the ‘Stronger Together’ project organized by Wongnai x LINE MAN, and we’re inviting you to be a ‘green’ eater. So ‘take photos of your delicious meals in eco-friendly packaging,’ which is biodegradable and certified with the GC Compostable label, help reduce the amount of waste, and you can win prizes from Upcycling by GC!

You can join the campaign from now until May 20, 2020.

How to Participate:

  1. Order from restaurants using bioplastic packaging certified with the GC Compostable label through the LINE MAN app.
  2. Take a pic of your scrumptious meal including the packaging.
  3. Tag #StrongerTogether #GCCompostable
  4. Post it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (set to public).
  5. Check to see if you win any of the prizes from GC’s Facebook fan page!

The ten ‘Green’ eaters who receive the maximum likes and shares will receive some cool Upcycling by GC prizes made from recycled products delivered directly to their homes.

Note: GC’s decision is final.


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