17 August 2017

The ‘Luffala’ community enterprise project



To generate revenue for the local communities from the use of PTTGC glycerin to produce local spa products.

Business Benefit KPIs

  • Positive acknowledge by public media and community acceptance
  • Improved employee skills in communication and marketing by practicing giving marketing advice to the communities
  • Benefit to community of “Luffala” project is at 3.8 million Baht
  • Community satisfaction score 85.14%
  • Increase the product value added (glycerin)

Social / Environmental Benefit KPIs

  • Create income and improve livelihood by creating employment opportunities
  • Community members joining the project earn 2,000-2,500 Baht/month based on their production. In total 3.8 million baht worth of benefits to communities.
  • 14 spa products have been approved by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (Thai FDA) – not selling commercially.

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