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GC continues to strive to meet the needs of the future today, shifting its portfolio and reshaping its business towards high-value and low carbon.

2030 Target,
Long Term Adjusted EBITDA

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Reshaping Business Towards
High Value & Low Carbon

In addition, GC’s products meet a variety of needs, those of both today and the future, in line with the 5 Global Megatrends.

GC is ready to expand its business on an international level for sustainable growth in accordance with the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) under the integrated balance of 3 dimensions - Environmental, Social, Governance and Economic (ESG) - all of which allow GC to run a good business that creates good products, has good manufacturing and internal processes, is good for the planet, and good for sustainability as well.

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S: Social

Create value for society, promote social enterprises to generate revenue that will improve the nation’s economy, reduce inequality, and support the safety, good education, health, and wellbeing of communities and society as a whole.

Social Highlights

Product Carbon Footprint Certification and Carbon Reduction Label

Carbon Footprint of Product: CFP

Carbon Footprint Reduction: CFR

Water Footprint: WP

Life Cycle Assessment

PTT Green for Life

ESG highlights at GC

Integrated Sustainability Report
Sustainability Performance Data

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Ratings & Rankings

In 2022, GC is Asia’s First Global Chemical Company to ever be ranked number 1 for 4 consecutive years in the Chemicals Business Group by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). We also ranked among the top 10 companies in the DJSI World and Emerging Markets Index for the tenth consecutive year.

In 2021, We have also been given the highest rating among Thai companies for our measures implemented in the fight against climate change. Additionally, we have been given a grade A rating for water security, representing the highest leadership level possible for maintaining world-class levels of sustainability in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
Carbon Disclosure Project
UN Global Compact LEAD
FTSE4Good Index
The Asset Awards
SET Sustainability Awards of Honor
Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI)
Green Industry
CSR-DIW Continuous Award
Thailand Corporate Excellence
Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) Outstanding Ethics Award
Environmental, Safety and Good Governmental Award

Sustainability in Action

GC is committed to operating according to ESG practices through a number of key projects that deliver high quality products with a low carbon rating. Doing so ensures a reduction in the release of carbon emissions while maintaining high standards of safety and environmentally friendly practices to cement our place as an organization with a special focus on clean, sustainable operations in accordance with the law and special measures. All of these factors combine to benefit and add value to the company, while also taking care of our planet moving forward.

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Highlight Projects

GC Sustainability

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GC Net Zero

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Sustainability Report

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