GC Group stands together with the Thai people

We would like to express our care and concern to all Thais in the hope that we can quickly overcome the COVID-19 crisis that has become a direct concern nationwide and has rapidly impacted Thai society and countries around the world. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Thailand, we have visited hospitals to deliver the necessary medical equipment as well as to express our encouragement and solidarity with medical professionals. We also had the chance to discuss their pressing needs and the problems they are facing. We are making sure that our chemical and plastic products are dedicated to this support effort. The GC Group will also apply our innovations in working with our partners to relentlessly research and develop useful medical equipment to provide solutions to this crisis, to ensure that the Thai people will have a good quality of life, to beat this pandemic together, so that we all can feel safe and secure once again with a smile on our faces.

Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang, Chief Executive Officer, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited

The world was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affect the overall economic and industrial sectors as well as GC’s business operations, both directly and indirectly.

In handling the crisis, GC has developed management guidelines and measures to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 that is in line with the management framework of Thailand’s Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization (WHO), and best practices based on actual case studies for its employees and operating sites. GC places importance on caring employee and supplier health as well as implementing digital technology to enable efficient and continuous operations and become an organization with zero COVID-19 case. GC has supported the society and the country through its innovations and products in order to bring about good public health.

COVID-19 Outbreak Management Principles

Recognizing the COVID-19 outbreak
Raising GC’s executive and employee awareness of the prospective impacts and risk factors of COVID-19 on its business operations, and formulating effective measures together for the handling of severe impacts that may occur in the future.
Targeting “Zero COVID-19 Case in GC”
Targeting to become an organization with zero COVID-19 case.
Strengthening the 4 Core Behaviors
Establishing an efficient working culture based on the “4 Core Behaviors”.
Having a strong IT and knowledge management system
Implementing digital technology to build communication networks and a management system that is convenient, fast and suitable for the situation.

Prevention and Control Measures for Employees and Suppliers

GC places importance on employee health and safety particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak. Accordingly, GC has established a taskforce under the supervision of the “COVID-19 Prevention and Control Committee”

to closely monitor and analyze the COVID-19 situation since January 2020. Furthermore, GC has deployed policies and provided resources as well as financial support to develop prevention and control measures to reduce employee risk of infection in its operating sites, while facilitating the work of employees, contractors, and visitors within GC’s operating area.

COVID-19 Response Measures

Effectively managing the COVID-19 outbreak

Prepared the implementation of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan and established the Emergency Management Center in case of any COVID-19 infection cases of employee found.

Conveying prevention measures and recommended practices for the COVID-19 outbreak

Displayed status charts to convey measures and practices for each tier of COVID-19 risk groups as well as communicated to employees on high-risk countries and areas.

Establishing personal COVID-19 control and preventive measures

Promoted good personal hygiene, physical distancing and mask-wearing.

Establishing COVID-19 control and preventive measures in operating areas
  • Conducted screening procedures and surveillance of risk groups by screening body temperature and checking exposure history of employees and relatives.
  • Sanitizing common areas and physical contact points, such as offices, lifts, and canteens.
  • Encouraged physical distancing and refrained from engaging in crowded activities, and travelling.
  • Established “Work From Home” measures and flexible working hours.
  • Prepared adequate medical personnel in respond to such incident.
  • Procured adequate face masks, alcohol gels, and thermometers.
  • Provided COVID-19 insurance for its executives and employee risk groups, i.e. housekeepers, drivers, and clerks, etc.
Preventing risks in production operations sites (Lock up)
  •  Limited the number of critical employees into the production control building.
  •  Provided accommodation and transportation for employees that continues to attend work.
  •  Took care and provided accommodations for critical employees’ families who are vital to production control during the lock up period, in order to relieve the employee’s stress and anxiety.
Implementing digital technology for disease prevention and control
  • Developed COVID-19 application to track address and travelling records, and consolidated employee and contractor’s daily self-reporting since March 2020.
  • Reported the evaluated data to the management executives in order to formulate active and passive measures.
  • Strengthened IT systems to ensure stable efficient work flows.
Establishing COVID-19 prevention measures for construction projects
  • Improved operating sites and prepared COVID-19 protective equipment, such as providing shuttle transports for contractors, arranging meal breaks in shifts to avoid crowding conditions, and providing standardized accommodation, etc.
  • Required a 14-day quarantine and body-temperature checks for foreign workers.

COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Plan

GC has conducted trainings of its business continuity plan in order to prepare for any emergency situations. By simulating that an employee has been infected with COVID-19, the company held a meeting to convey information and detailed response plans starting from its first detection or report of infections to the lifting of the emergency state. The procedures are as follow:

Provide UV-C sterilization units that is suitable for work and operating areas.

Prepare adequate personal protective equipment and disinfectants for emergency.

Test sterilization operations by collecting samples post-sterilization to analyze the sterilization efficiency.

In addition, GC has expressed its intentions and concerns to the society in times of the COVID-19 crisis by collaborating with its partners in the government and private sectors, entrepreneurs, universities and hospitals in implementing its chemical and plastic innovations to elevate Thai people’s quality of life, overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand. Moreover, GC has made visits to hospitals to discuss with medical professionals and those who impacted. By truly understanding of the problem and current needs, GC has conducted research and developed new innovations.Our effort and dedication were shown by collaborative projects, activities and support and donations.

Overall Donations by GC Group and Partners

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